Staff Directory

UHS Administration
Last First Position 949-936- Email
Astor Kevin Principal 7602
Barbara Smith Principal’s Secretary 7602
Kough Kris Assistant Principal 7606
Park Connie Assistant Principal 7607
Pate Matt Assistant Principal 7608
Kessy Michelle Psychologist 7612
Meeks Sarah Psychologist 7748
Last First Position 949-936- Email
Longo David DHH Principal 7628
Sarnowski Joy DHH Counselor 7624
Jasso Laura DHH Secretary 7629
Corona Raena DHH Secretary 7629
Evans Jamie DHH Psychologist 7799
Chen Anda DHH Nurse 7726
Abramowitz Melanie DHH Speech Therapist 7727
Rocero Phillip DHH Nurse 7726
Last First Position 949-936- Email
Itchon Ryan Counselor 7613
Jacobson Ann Counselor 7753
Addessi Hanna Counselor 7634
Strausheim Angelique Counselor 7746
Grace Jamie Counselor 7623
Schoch Nate Counselor 7614
Robles Sue Counseling Secretary 7621
Tohidian Nilou Wellness Counselor 8520
Last First Position 949-936- Email
Benavides Alex Security 7692
Thomsen Madison ROP 7633
Cunningham Mark Co-Athletic Director 7780
DesPalmes Brian Theater Manager 7775
Diulio Sarah Athletic Secretary 7784
Fischer Christen Receptionist 7604
Wylly Gaily  Health Clerk 7700
Fratantaro Dominic Librarian 7615
Alpert Alyssa Athletic Trainer 7791
Gatlin Angela College and Career Center 7632
Bunch Shannon Co-Activities Director 7647
Ghaderifard Azita Nurse 7611
Gatlin Angela Career Link 7739
Lewis Renee Library 7715
Fox Michelle Co-Activities Director 7647
Larson Carolyn Data Tech 7617
Lopez Carlos Security 7692
Manriquez Raul Head Custodian 7716
Kempff Kara Speech and Language Therapist 7745
Michalopoulos Chloe Speech and Language Therapist 7744
McCaffrey Kevin Co-Athletic Director 7749
McKinney Gerry Copy Room 7697
Gatlin Angela Career Center 7632
Jan Dawn SAC Office 7785
Remmer Freya ELD Coordinator 7643  
Anna Ryan Project Success 7747
Tang Stephanie Attendance Office 7603
Tay Dat Lan Tech 7631
Vasquez  Barbara Security 7692
Yang Monica Registrar 7630
Williams Carey Audiology 8622
Zaragoza Leticia Attendance Office 7712

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