OSO - Orchestra Student Organization

OSO (Orchestra Student Organization) is an on-campus club which seeks to promote unity within the orchestra program through various social activities, bonding events, fundraisers, community outreach events, etc.  Over the years the UHS Orchestra Program has developed a culture of acceptance,  a sense of belonging, compassion and friendship.  OSO has done a wonderful job fostering this type of environment where all students enrolled in the orchestra program can come together and make fun memories and lasting friendships through the many events organized by the OSO Board.  All orchestra members are automatically members of club OSO.

OSO Board Members
Co-Presidents- Nelson Lo and Chelsea Mariano 
Vice President- Jessica Lee 
Treasurer- Lan Jiang 
Secretary- Yoojin Chung 
Fundraising Event Coordinator- Kevin Kim 
Social Activities Coordinators- Anthony Juan and Jennifer Tseng 
Chamber Performance Coordinator- Maddie Fruman 
Infographic Publicists- Eugene Rhee and Ian Shang
Networking Publicist- Jean Park
Video Publicist/ASB Liasion- Harry Shin 
Historians- Serena Huang and Ashley Yang

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