Next Generation Science Standards

UHS and IUSD will be adopting the Next Generation Science Standards starting in the 2018-2019 school year.  The Next Generation Science Standards, also referred to as NGSS, are a new set of K-12 standards that were developed through a collaborative state-led process by a group of leading scientists and science educators from 26 states to support two critical goals:
Educate all students in science and engineering.
Provide the foundational knowledge for those who will become the next scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians of the future.
It is important to understand that although we are realigning many of the standards and incorporating the relationship between the discreet subject (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and earth science, there is a dramatic shift in the instructional strategies as well.  Students and parents can expect more construction of understanding through inquiry and hands on labs. For further details on the overview of NGSS, please click here: (use this -
If you want to learn more about how that will look specifically at UHS, please plan to attend a short meeting at 5:45 PM in the UHS theater on Monday, April 16 during the 8th grade family night.
More district information can be found here.

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