Letters of Recommendation

Many schools require letters of recommendation from teachers and/or counselors. As a faculty, we recognize that we have an obligation to assist students in meeting these requirements.  Please consider and be respectful of the fact that composing the initial letter, as well as corresponding application forms, can take a counselor or teacher several hours per student to complete. 

If you are applying to a school that requires a COUNSELOR recommendation:

  1. Please pick up a counselor recommendation packet from Mrs. Robles in the counseling office. 
  2. Complete the packet in its intirety. 
  3. Return with your completed packet. Mrs. Robles will schedule an appointment for you to meet with your assigned counselor for a "senior interview."
  4. After your senior interview, your counselor will complete any letters and Secondary School Reports (SSR's) for the schools to which you are applying. 

If you are applying to a school that requires a TEACHER recommendation: 

Please speak with your teacher in-person to request a letter of recommendation. Individual teachers may use different processes and request varying information in order to write your letter. Consider including a copy of your transcript, a brag sheet/resume, your career goals, and your intended college major. As with the counselor letter of recommendation, please ensure you also give your teachers plenty of time to complete your letter. 

  • Keep in mind that teachers of honors, AP and other upper division courses often receive more requests than they can reasonably handle.  Ask early and have a backup choice. 
  • Understand that sometimes teachers do not feel comfortable writing letters for certain individuals.  Respect their refusals.
  • Choosing not to sign the FERPA (confidentiality waiver) may not be in your best interest.  Many teachers feel constrained when their letters are shared with the student.  The result is a letter that is more generic and does not describe your special abilities.
  • Considering the limitations on teachers’ time. Please apply only to schools that you are seriously considering attending. 
  • An appropriate and sufficient expression of appreciation is a thank you note.
  • Teachers like to know if you were admitted to the school of your choice and where you plan to attend.  Don’t forget to tell them!

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