Academic Support

Homework Log:

Keep your daily planner up to date (assignments & due dates, test dates, etc.). Make sure all work is Done Done! Not just done, but it is complete, with name and date, in your backpack or notebook, and ready to turn in.

 Office Hours: 

Spend office hours in the classes you need additional help or clarification. Don't wait until the week of a big test or project. Seek help early when you need it!  

Weekly Progress Report:

You may wish to bring a progress report to each class at the end of the week. Progress report forms are in the front office and in the counseling office. Have each teacher sign off on this report and show it to your parents at the end of the day. To help build your independence, we suggest you and your parent(s) work out the expectations. For example, you may want to agree that the progress report is on the refrigerator by 4pm on Fridays.

After School Peer Tutoring:

No cost tutoring is available for one hour after school in Room 319, Monday through Thursday, during most weeks during the school year. Bring your work with you. Peer tutors and teachers are there to help you, however, you must ask and be prepared with questions for these tutors.

After School Homework Lab:

If you need a place to get your homework done, come to the Library after school. The library is open for one hour after school, Monday through Thursday, during most weeks.


This after school program is offered for students in need of additional support with organizing, tracking and completing their school work. Although this program is optional, once signed-up students are expected to attend regularly or they will be dropped to accommodate other students interested in the program. Speak to your Counselor to sign up.



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