UHS Graduation Requirements

Credit Requirement: 215

A semester course = 5 credits

Typically a student earns 30 credits each semester; 60 credits each year

All students shall be required to complete the following with a grade of "D" or higher: 

a. English: 40 credits in approved English courses

b. Social Science: 30 credits including Global Perspectives or World History (10), US History (10), Political Science (5), and Economics (5). 

c. Health: 5 credits

d. Science: 20 credits including 10 earth or physical science and 10 life science

e. Mathematics: 20 credits including Algebra 1 or Math 1

f. Physical Education: 20 credits. In addition, each student must pass a physical fitness test. 

g. World Language OR Visual Performing Art: 10 credits

h. General Electives: 70 credits

Graduation Requirements for ELD Students:

English: 40 credits of English are required

  •     10 credits of ELA/ELD 1 will count for English credit for graduation. 
  •     10 credits of ELA/ELD 2 will count for English credit for graduation. 

All other graduation requirements are the same as above. 





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