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OC CCThe California Community College System is the largest system of higher education in the world with 110 campuses. Community colleges offer a smooth transition to a four-year institution.

For many students, the community college offers a quality lower-division academic or vocational college education at value prices.   
Programs include:
  • Associate degree programs in arts and sciences
  • Certificate programs in arts, sciences, technical, and occupational fields
  • Credit and non-credit classes
  • English training
  • Citizenship classes
  • Remedial or "catch-up" classes
  • Community education classes
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When to Apply:

freshman advantage web
Irvine Valley College: IVC has introduced a new registration program called Freshman Advantage for incoming students. Students who complete all 5 steps (in order) by April 15th will register before current IVC students:

          1. Apply online starting December 1st.
          2. Apply for financial aid at by March 2nd.
          3. Complete the online orientation.
          4. Complete the Math and English assessments
          5. Complete advisement either online or in a group session.

We encourage all seniors who think they might attend IVC to complete this process!
Orange Coast College: OCC also has a priority registration process. Click here for more info. Students who complete all 5 steps (in order) by May 14th will register before other incoming OCC students:

          1. Apply online starting November 30th.
          2. Apply for financial aid at by March 2nd.
          3. Complete the online orientation.
          4. Complete the Math and English assessments.
          5. Attend a Student Education Plan workshop.
          6. (optional) Take a counseling course in the Spring.

Transferring to a Four-Year Institution:

It is extremely important for students who are considering transferring to work closely with their community college counselors at the time of admission to discuss this goal. If you know the specific campus or major you want to target, you will be more successful in transferring courses. Students should balance their course load by taking both general education courses and lower division courses in their proposed major. In addition, many community colleges offer transfer guarantee programs for specific universities.
Refer to the college catalogue of the institution you wish to transfer to and check transfer requirements. Visit the web-based ASSIST student transfer information system for more information about the transfer process.
Admissions officers look at several factors, including:
  • Completed transferrable coursework.
  • A college GPA of 2.o (for CSU) or 2.4 (for UC). Some impacted majors and campuses may require a higher GPA.
  • Whether or not you are in "good standing" at your last college.
  • Some campuses also require you to complete certain English and math courses with a grade of ”C”or higher.

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