Marching Band

The MTR has two branches of student leaders that are elected to represent and lead these ensembles.  The MTR Student Leadership is made up of section leaders and drum majors.  These students were selected by the students and directors through a popular vote at the end of the previous school year.  Consideration was also given to a student’s musical skills and leadership abilities. Section leaders are held responsible for their section, and are in charge of running sectionals and guiding each member of their section. Drum majors are the field conductors of the band and are in charge of leading the entire group, from making sure rehearsals go smoothly to directing students at competitions and football games.

The Google Classroom code for marching band is vim7mcm.


The theme for UHSMTR's 2017-2018 season will be Westward.
New recently: We have started to archive our music. You can listen to last year's show recording here!

Band camp will be between August 7th - 11th and 14th - 18th , from . Missing band camp may make it more difficult for you to join the marching band, depending on the circumstances.  Please email Mr. Heddon if you’re going to miss any portion of band camp to see if you’re still eligible. The Band Camp forms can be found in the downloads section of this website (here)


Please check the calendar for tournament and football dates for the upcoming UHSMTR season.

The Student Leaders for UHSMTR 2016 season:

Drum Majors

Head Drum Major:    Stella Shuai
Assistant Drum Major:    Elias Fang


Section Leaders

Flutes:    Alice Lee
Clarinets:    Tony Feng, Kayli Choy
Saxophones:    Alton Yolar
Trumpets:    Sonia Kelly
Mellophones:    Rachel Choi
Baritones:    Benny Monuki
Tuba:    Vikram Srinivasan
Drumline:    Mitchell Rogers
Pit:    Eirene Ding
Colorguard:    Katherine Ngo, Alina Guo, Rylee Pollisco

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