Band Executive Council

The MTR has two branches of student leaders that are elected to represent and lead these ensembles.  The Band Executive Council (BEC) has delegated different responsibilities to its members to promote the community and social connection of the band members.  The BEC organizes social events and fundraisers for those events, along with many other activities.

The Band Executive Council for the 2017-18 school year:

President:    Mitchell Rogers

Vice President:    Sonia Kelly

Social Chair:    Elaine Zhang

Treasurer:    Evan Juan

Secretary:    Michelle Te

Fundraising Chair:    Hina Tamaki

Color Guard Representative:    Kaitlyn Ngo
Percussion Representative:    Eirene Ding
Video Production:    Damian Dinh

Historians:    Tanner Morin, Katherine McPhie, Kim Marie Mauricio, Emily McPhie

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