The UHS Band Aides is a group of dedicated parents that support our program and directors with their time and talents.  The boosters are the backbone of the Uni Band Program – they can do it all!  They organize events, chaperone trips, join committees, build props and other essential items, communicate with the rest of the band parents, and raise money for the program.  Every person who has a student in the program is considered part of the Band Aides, and is always graciously invited to participate in making a better experience for our students. Thanks to the parents who do so much to make Band happen for our students!

If you have any question about the Band Aides, don’t hesitate to email at 

President:    Shireen Rogers
Activities:    Cindy Woo and Tracey Vukalovich
Secretary:    Frances Loke
Recording Secretary:    Lisa Flanagan Monuki
Treasurer:    Larry Rogers
Financial Secretary:    Diane Kato
Donations Manager:    Nicole Washington
Uniforms:    Darda Coe
Member at large:    Maggie Lu, Hank Te

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